How do most clients make decisions about building their wealth for retirement?

The statistics from The EBR Institute are truly amazing and depressing. When workers were asked how they calculated the amount of money they needed to save for retirement, look at the responses:

Guessed                                               44%

Asked a financial planner              19%

Asked a financial planner              19%

Did your own estimate                   17%

Read or heard about how much would be needed             11%

24% of those surveyed thought they would need in excess of $250,000 just to cover medical costs in retirement (FYI, 23% said they had no idea).

What is truly amazing is that nearly 30% of the average workers believe they only need to accumulate total of $250,000 or less to retire properly.  Of course these answers are incompatible and illustrate how confusing and difficult it is to properly plan for retirement.

If you were actively in the stock market from 1998-2008 you had a negative rate of return of approximately 1.45%. Did you know that if you used Retirement Life™ to grow your wealth over this same time frame you would have earned a positive rate of return of approximately 5.3%? Did you know that there are products out there that will guaranteed you a return of between 6-8% coupled with a guaranteed income for life you can never outlive?

Would it surprise you that most financial planners, CFPs, insurance agents, CPAs, and estate planning attorneys no nothing about the wealth building tools alluded to in the previous paragraph? Would it outrage you to know that many financial planners are forbidden from using these tools to help their clients build wealth for retirement (it should).

Why educate yourself with the books offered on this site?  So you can be empowered with the needed knowledge to make informed decisions about the best way to protect and grow your wealth.

Do you really want to put your financial future in the hands of an advisor without really understanding all the viable wealth building tools available?

This site was designed for those who no longer want to have the wool pulled over their eyes by advisors who have no vested interest to make sure their clients fully understand the advice given or the wealth building tools available.

What you will learn from the books offered on this site will truly amaze you and quite frankly could blow your mind.  While many readers will initially be shocked by what they read, in the end, readers will be thankful for the opportunity to become educated and, in turn, be able to make informed decisions about how to grow wealth in a secure manner for retirement.


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What is the “best” way to grow your wealth for retirement? Is it through tax-deferred tools like 401(k) plans or IRAs?  Is it by investing in stocks, mutual funds, index funds, cash value life insurance, annuities, bonds, etc.?

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