Certified Asset Protection Planner™


Why Would an Advisor Want to Learn “Asset Protection”?

The simple answer is because you can show value to your most important
clients (i.e., the wealthy clients in your practice who pay their bills in a timely
fashion). The problem for most advisors is that their clients don’t think they are
being proactive when it comes to helping them with their personal finances,
estate plans and, increasingly, their lack of an asset protection plan.

By becoming a quasi expert in “asset protection” planning, an advisor can differentiate him/herself in a local marketplace from the other advisors. Word travels fast among affluent clients, and once it is known that a particular advisor (or office) in town is being proactive in asset protecting clients’ wealth, an advisor should see an increase in new clients being referred to his/her office.


Become a Certified Asset Protection Planner™. Bring your practice to a new level by learning the most important topic for protecting and preserving your client’s wealth.