A continuation of AP Planning Part 1 and Part 2

Asset Protection Planning Part 3 concentrates on the protection of personal residence, business accounts receivable protection and emphasized the education of offshore LLCs, trusts and CAPTIVES. This course provides valuable tools and insight beyond basic Asset Protection.

You will learn if your assets are safe including your residence, your portfolio and your pensions. Don’t miss the opportunity to obtain the information in this valuable course.

Domestic Asset Protection
Fraudulent Transfers
Homestead exemption
Life insurance and Annuities
Retirement Plans and IRAs
Typical Asset Protection Plans that do not always work (Co-Ownership)
Sole proprietors
Corporations (C- and S-corporations)
Piercing the corporate veil
Director’s and officer’s liability
Trustee/Fiduciary liability
Limited Liability Companies/Family Limited Partnerships
Charging orders
Trusts as Asset Protection Tools
Personal Residence Protection
Accounts Receivable (A/R) Asset Protection
Offshore Asset Protection
Why offshore
Pitfalls to offshore planning
Offshore Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
Offshore Asset Protection Trusts
Closely Held Insurance Companies (CICs)